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Advantages of Security Cameras

Advantages of Security Cameras


One of the biggest fears for thieves is to be identified. Just read the numerous news items that tell of criminals who get stuck thanks to video surveillance cameras. Security Cameras Hollywood are able to monitor movements within an area, check for unwanted presences and record any theft and robbery. These are not common video cameras but devices equipped with advanced technology capable of shooting both in light and in total darkness.

There are many types of video surveillance kits: wireless or wired, professional systems or DIY cameras, more traditional systems or with cloud memory.

For this reason it is important to understand which system is best suited to your needs, what are the main advantages and features.

Wifi or wired video surveillance: which to choose?

Wireless video Security Cameras davie are the most widespread on the market. A wire system requires rather invasive work, the insertion of cables involves structural changes and the intervention of a professional.

Features of video surveillance:


  • Wired security cameras require connecting cables.
  • The wiring is usually done under the track inside the walls, under the floor, behind the skirting boards.
  • Installation takes a long time with high costs.
  • The positioning of the cameras is defined and fixed.

Wifi video surveillance features:

  • Wireless transmission avoids the risk of power cuts by possible intruders.
  • Installation is simple, fast and costs are saved.
  • The positioning of the cameras is flexible.
  • There is the possibility of adding devices quickly and easily.
  • You can check and request videos from Smartphone or Tablet.


Innovation has brought great benefits in terms of security and, in addition to wireless technology, on the market it is also possible to find video surveillance kits with memory on the Cloud.

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