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Cell Phone Repair Hollywood: The Most Trusted Local Repair center near you

Cell Phone Repair Hollywood: The Most Trusted Local Repair center near you


Cell Phone Repair Hollywood is the best company to go to for all your phone needs. We specialize in iPhone repair, iPhone screen repair, and cell phone repair. Our expert technicians can fix any problem you might be experiencing with your phone.

Cell Phone Repair Hollywood

Cell Phone Repair Hollywood is a trusted repair shop that specializes in repairing cell phones. The prices are affordable and the service is fast. Our experienced technicians can fix anything from water damage to broken screens. Don’t wait any longer; come by today!

Our Services

Cell Phone Repair Hollywood is your trusted resource for all of your cell phone repair needs. Whether you need a battery replacement, cracked screen replacement, or another type of repair, we can help! Located in Hollywood, FL, our team of professionals is here to provide quality service at an affordable price.

What causes an iPhone Screen to break

The most common cause of a broken screen is dropping your phone. Even though we all know this, we forget and these accidents happen. Dropping your phone is the number one reason for a broken screen because it’s right in the centre of the device. Other causes of a broken screen include accidents with keys or other sharp objects, getting your phone wet, and stepping on it.

Lion Tech is a Cell Phone Repair Hollywood, Cell Phone Repair company located in the heart of Hollywood. If you live in Los Angeles and need to fix your broken cell phone or tablet we are here to help. We can fix cracked screens, water damage, cameras that no longer work, charging ports that have stopped charging, speakers and microphones that have stopped working, and pretty much anything else you might need us to do with your smartphone.

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Lion Tech

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