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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Clouds Services

Cloud Computing Services in Orlando and Hollywood


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Virtual Desktops


Hardware Virtualization

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Cloud Backups

What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” is a term used for a chain of data servers used to power virtual data storage, email servers, virtual desktops, virtual servers, and other technologies. When you upload a file to “the cloud”, it will go into a cloud server where your files will be stored on multiple hard drives across multiple locations. Having the redundancy of storing your data on multiple hard drives across multiple locations, makes cloud storage the most trusted storage option available. Lion Tech is here to provide cloud computing services in Hollywood and Orlando to your business or organization.

Cloud Services are Affordable

With the Cloud, you pay for what is used and disengage whenever you like. It’s a common misconception that only large businesses or enterprises can afford to use the Cloud, when in fact, Cloud services are extremely affordable and beneficial for small businesses. At Lion Tech, we can determine which computing Cloud service best meets your business needs.

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Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Secure Storage & Management
  • Location Independent
  • Scalability & Sustainability
  • 24/7 Support
  • Virtualized & Dynamic
  • Pay As You Use
  • Utility-Based, Time-Sharing Models
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-Level Computing
  • Agile Deployment

Cloud Services in Broward, Florida

Whether you are running applications that are vital to your network and/or supporting the critical operations of your business, a Cloud services platform provides rapid access to flexible, secure, and powerful IT resources. With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware, or spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of moving that hardware. Instead, you can benefit in terms of IT cost savings using only the type and size of computing resources you need to operate your business. Your business also benefits from eliminating the operational cost associated with the on-premises infrastructure like area/space, electricity, air conditioning, and maintenance costs of the hardware. Contact Lion Tech today to get started with Cloud services in Orlando, Hollywood, and throughout South Florida.