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Data, Voice, & Video

Data, Voice, & Video


structured cabling

Structured Cabling

data and voice

Data & Voice



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Structured Cabling

Lion Tech offers structured cabling design and installation in Orlando and Hollywood, always following the industry standards and requirements. We can setup your network using various kinds of cables to fit your needs, including:

  • Category 5e (Cat5e)
  • Category 6 (Cat6)
  • Fiber Optic

We always strive to meet our customers’ needs.


Data & Voice Infrastructure

data and voice

Data & voice infrastructure allows you to have one set of cables to provide your office with internet, voice, and fax. By using a high-speed internet connection, we make your critical systems more reliable. Having an unreliable system negatively affects the operation of any business. Simply put, the modern business does not run without it. Consistent and clear communication is relevant to keep any business running, and reliable phone systems provide cost-effective solutions. Data & voice maintenance is a service that many businesses don’t know they need until it’s too late. Our company has the ability to spot problems in your connection and network before they arise, ensuring that you never lose an inch because of poor IT communication. With effective wiring strategies and up-to-date, professional equipment, we guarantee you our work.

Lion Tech offers premium data and voice solutions.

Lion Tech has the ability to set up a network and provide all the necessary equipment to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We design a comprehensive and effective data and voice infrastructure program that works wonders for your business. We integrate every aspect of premium equipment to fit your needs and budget. Many of today’s phones are run through an internet service. If your connection goes down, so do your phones, which makes it difficult to run an effective business. We want to ensure this never happens to you. We use top of the line equipment. Our qualified and certified IT professionals are the best in the industry.


Wireless Solutions


Wireless solutions play a very important role in our lives and businesses to improve efficiency and reduce IT costs dramatically. Proper implementation saves a lot of money, reduces downtime, and adds a stronger mobility to the workforce. We provide secure and optimal wireless solutions enhancing your ability to work on the go. Our technicians can assess, design, deploy, and manage your wireless solutions to ensure you are always connected.

Wireless can be used for:

  • Voice Communications
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Energy Management
  • Navigation
  • Networking
  • Monitoring

Lion Tech assist you in protecting your home or business office.

Surveillance Systems – Security Cameras and Access Control

We provide efficient, reliable, and professional security camera installation, and the best equipment on the market. When you work with us, you have a partner who will be there throughout the entire process. We will take care of system installation, setup, and placement of cameras and NVR for optimal usage. Contact our team today for surveillance camera installation in Orlando and Hollywood.

Can You Install a Surveillance System Yourself?

Simply…yes! However, our experts are trained and up to date with the installation process of complex surveillance camera systems. We understand the ins and outs of every wire and have the ability to spot issues before they even arise. When purchasing one of many “do it yourself” security camera systems, you are putting the safety of your home or business in the hands of someone who is just reading directions. If something goes wrong, would you know where to start?


Why Choose Lion Tech for Security Camera Installation in South Florida?


One word: Experience!

Lion Tech is one of the best security camera installation companies in the Southeast. We understand the most recent technology inside and out and promise to not try to oversell you a complex security camera system when a basic one would do just fine. Our camera installation experts will not leave until you are satisfied with the work. Contact us today to get started with a surveillance camera installation in Hollywood, Orlando, and throughout South Florida.