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Kickstart Your Data Recovery with Lion Tech Right Away

Kickstart Your Data Recovery with Lion Tech Right Away

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Lion Tech offers proficient Data Recovery South East Orlando for all devices, including high-security data recovery scenarios and any damage, including logical failures resulting in data loss. Our company maintains close partnerships with significant storage device manufacturers, mobile phone suppliers, and leading computer makers to ensure that your original equipment’s warranty remains intact. Even with the most advanced backup systems, data loss events such as hard drive failures, viruses, and other events can occur. When disaster strikes, call us – we’re here to assist!


  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

You have a hard drive, whether a desktop PC, laptop, Mac, Windows, or any computer. All your essential stuff like files, photos, videos (as long as they’re legal), and more are stored here. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and you might lose your data because of hardware problems, physical harm, or malicious software. But don’t panic! We can help you recover your data.


  • RAID Data Recovery

You’ve probably heard of RAID if you have an enterprise-level storage device or a high-capacity consumer. It’s a type of storage that uses multiple hard drives to help protect your data if something goes wrong. However, not all levels of RAID offer redundancy and are prone to data loss. If something goes wrong, like a mission-critical or unit down, we can help you recover your data. We specialize in recovering data from RAID storage.


  • iPhone Data Recovery

If your new iPhone 11 fell in the pool or your data was erased from your iPhone, Apple’s built-in encryption may prevent you from recovering your data. But not at Lion Tech! We were the first to successfully recover data from an iPhone after the release of the iPhone 11. Your iPhone data is not lost!


  • Mac Data Recovery

If you’ve lost your Mac files, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Our tech systems and special software can help you get your files back and get full access to what you’ve lost. Plus, our process is secure, and we’re in good hands with AppleCare & Service Providers, so you don’t have to worry about your warranty getting affected.


  • SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are storage devices that use integrated circuit assemblies (ICs) instead of spinning disks and moving read-write heads like traditional hard drives. Although SSDs are generally more resilient to physical shock and other external threats, they are still susceptible to data loss like other storage devices.


  • Data Recovery Service Levels

We’ve got you covered regarding Data Recovery South East Orlando, Florida. Whether you need a quick fix or want to stay within your budget, we’ve got you covered. We even have remote data recovery options for extensive server systems, especially where data can’t be left.


Why Choose Lion Tech Data Recovery Service?


Orlando has a vibrant, small technology community and a more significant corporate technology sector. This sector continues to expand as larger-scale projects are completed or approaching completion. In the event of a substantial data loss, our Data Recovery South East Orlando provides quick and effective solutions.


  • The Orlando facility offers the most expedited TAT for data recovery.
  • Top notch, Secure and Proprietary Data Recovery Technology
  • Accessible Data Loss and Recovery Evaluations
  • Exceptional around the clock Customer Service


Lion Tech offers a comprehensive range of services in Orlando for those seeking assistance in recovering data, conducting digital forensics, and conducting eDiscovery. Our support staff can provide an estimate promptly, and all necessary parts, cleanroom fees, and service fees are included. There is no “no fees guarantee” and no additional fees or hidden costs. Furthermore, the price of your data will be, at most, the maximum quote we can provide.


Our comprehensive suite of tools and equipment is designed to accommodate all media types, and our engineers are well-versed in the secure data recovery challenges associated with industries operating in Orlando.

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